If you have a favourite saying that drives everyone else nuts, a meaningless aphorism, one of those worn out clichés that is sometimes annoyingly right, or something your mother used to say that never did make sense and you would like to add it to the ORGASM CAT, please use the form below.

When you click submit you give us the unlimited rights to add it in the quotation database and publish it to visitors to the site (although we make no representations that we will include it). You won’t get a credit, and because the quotations are served at random and depending on how big the database gets, you may never get to see it being displayed, but one day, somewhere, someone might read your contribution and it might actually mean something to them – or make them laugh – or make them wonder what kind of idiot suggested it. At that moment you will get a small warm glow of contentment and wonder what just happened. Or not.

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